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Michael DiLuglio started his Paychex career in 2010 and today serves as the employee and corporate communications coordinator. He enjoys creating news stories that enrich the Paychex employee experience and inform America's businesses. Michael earned his undergraduate degree from Niagara University, where he studied communications.
2 May, 2017

CNBC: Small businesses hired fewer workers in April but gave their employees raises, Paychex survey shows

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Small business hiring fell in April, but wages continued to rise for workers, a report by human resources firm Paychex said Tuesday. The Small Business Jobs Index decreased 0.22 percent from the previous month to 100.50. The pace of small business employment growth is down 0.27 percent from a year ago, the company said.

21 Apr, 2017

CPA.com: Affordable Care Act Regulatory Reminders

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Earlier this year, the American Health Care Act (AHCA) was introduced with mixed reviews. As Congress took the bill through its first steps in the legislative journey, many business owners and individuals wondered what the legislation would mean for them, until the impending vote in the U.S. House of Representatives was abruptly halted and the bill was pulled due to a lack of the necessary votes to pass.