26 Oct, 2017

SmallBusinessComputing.com: Small Businesses Are Fearless in the Face of Security Threats

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What, me worry? That's the stance a shocking number of small business owners in the U.S. have taken toward cybersecurity, according to a new study from Paychex. In a survey of 341 business leaders conducted by Bredin. Most of the small business owners polled by the research firm, 68 percent in fact, were not concerned about getting hacked.

24 Oct, 2017

Accounting Today: How to Start the HR Compliance Conversations with Your Small Business Clients

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Print  Email  Reprints  Share As a trusted financial advisor with an understanding of the laws and regulations that play into HR functions, you can help your small business clients understand their HR responsibilities, obtain the HR tools and resources they need, and focus on the growth of their businesses. Small business owners without a designated HR manager feel overwhelmed by all of the HR responsibilities that come with having even just one or two employees. According to the latest Paychex Small Business Survey, 21 percent of today’s small business owners lack confidence in their organization’s ability to keep current with HR compliance.

17 Oct, 2017

BenefitsPro.com: Millennials’ Hourly Wages Increasing at Double the National Average

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Millennials must be doing something right. According to a recent report from Paychex, The Rise of the Millennial Employee, millennial hourly wages have been steadily increasing since 2011. Though their $21.80 per hour has them lagging behind the national average of $27.58, their annual hourly earnings are growing at a rate nearly double the national rate (5.8 percent compared to 3 percent).

17 Oct, 2017

WGNSRadio.com: Tennessee Ranks 1st in Nation for Small Business Employment

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Good news for Tennessee... According to Paychex.com, the State of Tennessee leads the nation in employment by small businesses. Rutherford County Property Assessor Rob Mitchell told WGNS that our county has over 13,000 reporting small businesses. Mitchell wrote in an email, "They are a valuable part of our community. Small businesses are what give our community "character". Our local Chamber of Commerce provides a wonderful service by assisting and promoting their growth and success."

16 Oct, 2017

Inc: Paychex Flex Review: Worth the Premium Price

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Paychex, a leader in the human resources services segment for 46 years, offers an entry-level payroll and benefits administration package that may be slightly more expensive than other options, but is well worth the price. With a single login, Flex users can have recruiting and applicant tracking, onboarding, benefits administration, time and attendance, payroll, retirement benefits, and more at their fingertips, all key components of a complete HR solution. But multi-tiered plans mean that if payroll is the only service the customer needs, that's an option as well.